Tachograph FMD-1000

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The Ful-Mar FMD-1000 board computer revolutionizes everything known to date in terms of fleet control. The equipment is an essential tool manufactured with state-of-the-art technology. Its features make it possible to efficiently manage any fleet size allowing total control of all units.
Certified by INMETRO /DIMEL NO 0289 and DENATRAN from Brazil and follows the degree 1617/2008 of the Argentinian CNRT

    • DIAGRAM PRINTER: to generate speed diagram required by the supervisory bodies and all their records are sent on line.
    • INTERNAL MEMORY: can store information of the last 2 years every second inside of the internal 2Gb Sd-Card.
    • 3D ACCELEROMETER: allows evaluation of the trajectory and speed of the vehicle.
    • ADDITIONAL EVENTS INPUT: The equipment has six inputs that allow the record of other events that need to be controlled, such as: door opening, use of seat-belts, use of wipers, operation of beacons lights, etc.
    • ADDITIONAL EVENTS OUTPUT: The equipment has three outputs that allow the control of lights, signals, horns, etc.
    • INTERNAL BACKUP BATERY: Li-Ion battery that allows safe systems power off.
    • FOTA: Update firmware via GPRS
    • DRIVERS IDENTIFICATION KEY or CARD: Used for a rapid and safe drivers identification. Gets drivers data as well as driving times by placing key or card on reader.
    • OPTIC SENSOR: allows to detect when the equipment is open.
    • GPS: Ublox LA-6S 52 channels SIRFT 5
    • MODEM GPRS: Sierra Wireless SL6087 GSM 850,900,1800,1900 MHZ.
    o Dual Sim, allows two carrier service.

    • Record of speed and distance driven
    • Control of sudden accelerations and brakes
    • Driving and Resting times
    • Record of the last 5 minutes of movement information in a double-security memory
    • Programmable speed per timetables according to day time, moment and year season
    • Programmable speed according to external temperature
    • Permanent recording of vehicle trail
    • Display of altitude, course, and journey coordinates on LCD screen
    • Real time visualization of vehicle location and data stored in the equipment via Web
    • Real time detection of maximum speeds per zone
    • Downloading stored data from the internet
    • Dispatch and reception of messages

    • Continuous RPM Record
    • Idle time
    • Engine stop/start
    • Route recording
    • Journey times
    • Drivers΄ identification via touch key or keyboard codes
    • Fuel consumption control

    • Engine cut-off and/or audible alarm due to overheating
    • Engine cut-off and/or audible alarm due to low oil pressure
    • Engine cut-off and/or audible alarm due to overspeed, RPM and excess idle time
    • Feeding voltage: 8 a 32 Volt
    o Low consumption mode: 25 mA.
    o Rest mode: 60 mA.
    o Start-up: 150 mA.
    • Maximum recorded speed: 240 Km/h.
    • Movement sensor: 8 pulses per turn
    • Digital temperature sensor: -30°C + 125ΊC.
    • Memory capacity: 2Gb
    • Storage days: 2 years with record keeping every 1 seconds
    • Data storage capacity: 10 years


    This tool allows easy and fast classification, filtering and chart presentation of all the information stored in the equipment. To optimize the use of the vehicle and improve driving quality, the data could be analyzed in terms of vehicle, driver, fleet, date or journey.

    Minimum required systems to Fulmar software
    Fleet control system (SIF)
  • Server: Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server or Windows 7/8;
    32/64 bits
    4 to 6 Gb of RAM;
    200 Gb of hard disk.
    Processor I5 or equivalent.
  • Client: PC compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8.
    Core 2 Duo 2.0 Ghz
    2 Gb of RAM;
    200 Gb of hard disk.

    Ideal to monitor and control your vehicles fuel usage. Hard bronze built-in, it has two gauges: one at engine entry and one at return exit without modifying original fuel circuit.

    Audible alarm and/or engine cut-off in the event of low oil pressure, overheating, excess rpm, excess engine idle time, overspeeding, etc


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