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Launch of Venture GPS


As from August 1, Ful-Mar S.A has started trading the new Venture GPS (global positioning system) in Argentina.



The Venture GPS allows navigation from current location to final destination selected by user.
Some main features include: national coverage, no monthly fee, no installation, and free-of-charge update via web.

The Venture GPS performs the following functions:

Navigation from current location to final destination selected by user.
Male/female navigation voice to give drivers directions about right/left turns, distance in meters, etc.
Ability to add, erase and modify favorite custom points of interest (home, office, etc.)
Favorites search to set as destination
Interest points search to find closest ATM machines, parking lots, pharmacies, etc.
Map visualization of current location
Map visualization of every search made
Map visualization of statistical variables (total distance driven, total time moving, average speed in km/hour)
Mp3 player

Venture GPS

The ideal personal travel assistant to make you feel safe when driving in unfamiliar areas.

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