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During the month of May, FUL-MAR S.A. was proud of receiving STEMCO director, Ken Veit and product manager Jim Reis.



During the month of May, FUL-MAR S.A. received STEMCO director, Ken Veit and product manager Jim Reis. With offices and plant in Longview, Texas, STEMCO leads the technological and manufacturing market of heavy-duty vehicles and trailers wheel-end products. STEMCO is a member of EnPro Industries Inc. Group, leader in sealing technologies and engineered products for use in critical fields of the industry.

STEMCO has sales representatives in Mexico, the United States of America, Europe, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.
The 3,000-square-meter Engineering Test Center completed in Longview in early 2005 has rapidly become key to maintain its leadership within the industry as well as to improve test capabilities. Over $2 million dollars of test equipment is regularly used in the Test Center, covering a broad range of testing from over 60 wheel ends with RFID software. Most of the machines, accessories, equipment and software are designed and produced by STEMCO personnel from the earliest stages of concept development to audit testing of mature products. STEMCO’s Test Center assists engineers in understanding product design strengths and limitations. With hundreds of tests carried out each year, it is no wonder that STEMCO understands the wheel end environment and products better than anyone in the industry.

For further information, visit STEMCO´s website:
Both companies are currently working to attain an interactive system which will improve the productivity of their products.
By signing these agreements, FUL-MAR not only maintains its leading role in technological advancement but also expands its business to reach new markets with its products.
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