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FUL-MAR has trained its agents about the night prices


Regarding the law that obliges taxes which are driving in the streets after 10 pm to charge a special price, FUL-MAR made a training course for watch makers who work in this product.



FUL-MAR S.A. gave a training course for watch makers in Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires who deliver this kind of taximetres in order to adapt these watches to the night price that is to be charged from March 1st.

This course was organised in the company. Mr Hector Furs, our technician, and Mr Javier Mársico, Full-Mar director, were in charge of it and it was explained during three hours the necessary tools to make a right adaptation of the watches.

The increasing of time to be able to adapt and programme both prices (day and night shifts) was the main topic. Besides, this course was about the different disadvantages in reference to time needed to be able to chage the price in those taximetres that had been manufactured before, that is to say, it is necessary to have the right time to be able to print the right price for the night shift, something that had never been demanded before as the taximetre was working normally with only one price. In case of failure in one of these devices the mending is impossible as the extra parts are being out of order.

Mr Leonardo Pereyra (Relojería Marileo), Mr Daniel Tinnirello (Lider), Mr Alberto Colombo (J.J.), Ms María del Rosario Iannuzzi (Sabino), Mr Alberto Freire (Relojería Freire), Mr Miguel Famulari (Relojería Río IV), Ms Nélida Galli (TIC-TAC), Mr Silvano Marsico y Mr Antonio Cortes.

FUL-MAR is thankful to all the suppliers that have taken part in the course and is very pleased to support them in their daily challenges.
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